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What is Insurance Chatbots? + 5 Use-case, Examples, Tools & Future

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chatbots for insurance agents

This way, your agents need to come in only to evaluate the damage and decide on the liabilities, saving them time and effort. Conversational AI has come a long way in recent years, but it’s relatively early days for the technology. As we’ve discussed, AI Assistants are most effective when it comes to automating routine and repetitive tasks. Haptik is a conversation AI platform helping brands across different industries to improve customer experiences with omnichannel chatbots.

  • In addition, chatbots are available around the clock and are able to work with thousands of users at once, eradicating high call volumes and long wait times.
  • Automate experiences across the most costly consumer channel with LLM-powered voice bots to create more natural and efficient interactions.
  • Whether your customers reach out via phone, email, a contact form, or live chat, they increasingly seek the convenience of self-service.

Chatbots can be used to introduce potential customers to the benefits of your service, while at the same time collecting data on what these potential customers are looking for. That’s vital information that can be used to further develop your chatbot, ultimately boosting your conversion rate. Morris Family Insurance Group (MFIG) is a Black Owned Insurance Agency that was founded by Tisha Morris in 2020. Making the right investments in CX improvements can dramatically impact revenue.

Lemonade’s Engaging Sales Funnel Experience

You can easily trust an insurance claims chatbot to redefine the way you go about the settlement process. It requires the policyholder to fill out a form and attach documents. Chatbots can ease this process by collecting the data through a conversation. Bots can engage with customers and ask them for the required documents to facilitate the claim filing in a hassle-free manner.

chatbots for insurance agents

As you don’t necessarily win over customers by having the prettiest website. Unlike in eCommerce and real estate, insurance is not a “prettiest one wins” type of purchase. Companies like PolicyBazaar, Digit Insurance, Acko, Coverfox, TurtleMint, and OneAssist are all looking to help India’s 220 million-plus policy-holders buy and manage insurance better. Even in an internet-growing country like India, the insurance industry is a great bet to make.

Future Gain Endowment Insurance Application Bot

The insurer is exploring the use of AI in claims and modeling, including extracting data from claims descriptions and analyzing six years of claims data to identify the cause of loss and improve underwriting. Not only this, but customers are able to make claims 24/7, without needing to wait for contact center opening times or an agent to become available. Hubtype’s insurance partners are able to resolve claims 5x faster, and reduce contact centers calls by up to 50%. After an accident, loss, or theft, it’s understandable for customers to be anxious or distressed.

It interacts with the customers and collect user data like their preferences, what kind of insurance they are looking for, and so on. An insurance chatbot offers considerable benefits to both a carrier and its customers by combining the flexibility of conversational AI and the scalability of automation. A chatbot is one of multiple channels a company can utilize when speaking with their customers in the manner and method they desire.

Chatbots will transform many industry sectors as they evolve, shifting the process from reactive to proactive. HDFC Life Insurance realized the challenges in insurance and came to Kommunicate for an automated support solution. That’s how Elle, the Virtual Assistant, was created to handle inbound customer queries and service. Insurance carriers can use chatbots to handle broker relationships in addition to customer-facing chatbots. Furthermore, chatbots can respond to questions, especially if they deal with complex client requests. This also applies when you need to know how an application is progressing.

For the last three years, NORA, Nationwide’s Online Response Assistant, has provided customers 24-hour access to answers without having to call Nationwide. NORA can help customers reset a password by engaging an insurance professional in a live chat, obtain product information, and check on a claim status. Sometimes there is a need for assistance from a human agent, in these cases what differentiates a good chatbot from a bad one, is being able to provide a smooth handoff process.

The Benefits of Conversational AI for Insurance Companies

Improving customer experience is one of the key strategic areas wherein insurers have placed a strong bet. The AI technology that is best suited to realizing that objective is Conversational AI – in the form of a chatbot or Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Integrating chatbots with learning models and recommendation systems enables them to make informed predictions about the product a customer is likely to purchase during cross comparison. By retaining information about the customer’s profile and previous purchases, chatbots can use this data to improve their sales techniques and give better recommendations. Check out Top Generative AI integration companies to drive customer support.

chatbots for insurance agents

Insurers can use AI solutions to get help with data-driven tasks such as customer segmentation, opportunity targeting, and qualification of prospects. It’s now possible to build and customize your insurance bot with zero coding. An insurance company will find it easy to create a powerful bot anytime and start engaging the customers round the clock. AI chatbots can be fed with information on insurers’ policies and products, as well as common insurance issues, and integrated with various sources (such as an insurance knowledge base). They instantly, reliably, and accurately reply to frequently asked questions, and can proactively reach out at key points.

For example, a drop-down list isn’t the best way to make users browse through the different insurance plans under a category. Similarly, a form with fields isn’t the most convenient option for users to get access to information on various insurance plans and their benefits. Treat your customers like the extraordinary beings they are, and you’re likely to see them again very soon. The age-old secret to retention in sales and marketing holds the same importance in this day and age as well. It took a few days for people to realize the leap forward it represented over previous large language models (known as “LLMs”).


To be able to adopt more modern computing-intensive applications like virtual assistants, they will need to change this mindset. Insurance companies differ in the extent to which they have adopted new technology solutions. Taking the next step towards conversational AI will require them to think about their existing infrastructure and how it can accommodate the virtual assistant solution. Are you really together with them in this if your agents are tied down? Get all your customers covered with a complete support automation that can deflect up to 80% support queries.

Chatbots for Insurance Agents Frees Them From Routine Tasks

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), they are capable of streamlining the widest range of operations, delivering an ultimate competitive advantage. These bots can be deployed on any of the channels your customers are using on a daily basis, be it a website or Messenger or WhatsApp or even SMS. A record of the interactions with individual customers can help the marketing and sales team get a complete overview of their ideal customer profile.

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Even though chatbots can handle routine tasks, consumers want to know they can talk to a real person if needed. With a chatbot helping reduce the AHT for each query, you will also be freeing up more of your agents’ time. This time is then able to be used on more complex queries, rather than the same, repetitive tasks that can be automated easily. The more you reduce the pressure on your support teams, the more you can save on labor costs.

  • With the ability to analyze vast amounts of data, these chatbots provide insights into customer needs, allowing insurers to tailor their services to individual customers.
  • The agents’ fears of being made obsolete can also be put to rest since even if some their traditional roles and tasks may become obsolete, they will still play a crucial role in the purchasing journey.
  • If a policyholder reaches out with questions related to coverage and specifics of their policy, a chatbot can provide updates in seconds.
  • Are you an insurance agency and looking for ways to increase your form submissions?
  • It has limitations, such as errors, biases, inability to grasp context/nuance and ethical issues.

All Hubtype’s conversational apps allow for seamless chatbot-human handoff. This is increasingly important today, as most insurers now compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. Customers are looking for providers that simplify their claims processes, keeping them satisfied, loyal, and willing to recommend to others.

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